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Embark on an exhilarating pickleball adventure with FPLI. Register now, find your dream team, and explore our interactive calendar and map for thrilling matches and locations.

How it Works

Discover the seamless registration process for FPLI's engaging pickleball leagues. Follow these steps for a smooth journey:

Thrilling Matches

Are you going to be a team captain?


Fill out the Team Registration form below.

Build Bonds

Are you a player without a team and captain, and want to get on a team?


Fill out the Player Seeking a Team form below.

Effortless Play

Are you a player asked to be a part of a team?


Wait for the team to be registered by the captain.  It will take 24-48 hours to get it set up.

Once your team is registered, you can now register. You will find the instructions in the Player Registration Guide. Other documents can be found in the Resources section below. To complete your registration, go to the Regions page.

Player Registration Guide

FPLI Active Regions

FPLI Facebook Group

All players seeking a team will need to wait as we see where openings are and we can start to fill in the gaps.  We will do our best to get you on a team, but it is not a guarantee.


Team Registration Form

Team Captain is to complete this form to register their team. Once the team is registered, (approximately 24-48 hours) you will be notified that your team is ready and you and all your players can register. A link will be provided by email to the team, so please double check that your email is correct.


Player Seeking a Team Form

If you do not already have a team, please complete this form and wait for instructions. If a team has room for more members, the captain will send you a registration link. We hope to place everyone interested in playing on a team, but it is not guaranteed. Please be flexible to help us get you placed.

  • New Areas are being added each season!

  • Your team could qualify for the regional playoffs and on to the state tourney!





Regular Season


Essential Documents

FPLI Essential Documents

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